Our Story

Sway Techno Solutions is one of the most swiftly progressing ICT enabled Electronic Products and Solutions Company. Sway work in units so as to emphasis particularly on each of its vertical and the combination of all our verticals makes us The Green Group of Companies. We enjoy enviable market dominance across a wide array of products & solutions, including Solar, IoT, M2M, Telematics, Electrical vehicles, Technology design services, and Agriculture.

Our highly qualified, proficient and experienced team offers Optimized, Power Efficient, Reliable and affordable pricing solutions. Sway focuses primarily to provide low cost and time dynamic solutions, with its intrinsic idea of “Empowering Efficient Solutions “.Our forward thinking nature and unbeatable caliber to address the High End Technology requirements, Low System Cost requirements and Efficient Design/Power requirements in our solutions has made us to stand in the line of leading solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bestow every individual a brighter, securer and healthier solution. We possess the aim to empower and cater every section of the society. The customer’s satisfaction and delight is our priority and to achieve the same we ensure the delivery products and solutions in cost and time efficient manner. We strive to spread utmost benefits to maximum customers including those living in, rural and remote areas.

Social Responsibility

We don’t work hard merely to earn profit but to design and impart beneficial innovations for the welfare of all. Our team understands the value of social responsibility and therefore pours all their efforts to serve our customers and run the business in the most ethical manner. We generate clean energy, security solution, and latest and innovation technology to brighten the society keeping the heath of our environment and customer’s satisfaction in mind.